In every corner of the world, the festive charm of Christmas markets is known. Their magnetism lies in the delightful ambiance they create and the silver, warm joy they spread. Nevertheless, one celebration stands out– Christmas by the Sea in Ogunquit 2023.

Ogunquit’s Unique Seaside Christmas Celebration

Ogunquit, translating to a “Beautiful Place by the Sea” in Native American, holds a special ambiance of a seaside Christmas celebration that is unparalleled, enchanting, and immensely heartwarming.

As the holiday season approaches, Ogunquit undergoes a magical transformation, turning into a captivating winter wonderland that beckons holiday visitors from far and wide. Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea celebration is a perfect blend of coastal charm and festive cheer that will make you want to stay and savor every moment.

Unwrapping the magic of Christmas by the Sea, you’ll find a mosaic of events making this unique celebration truly enchanting. This place stands out from all other global festivities with its blend of traditional holiday spirit and the unique seascape of Ogunquit.

Providing more than just glossy glimpses, Ogunquit’s picturesque beauty contributes to the holiday spirit. Its natural charm lies in the striking landscapes—a love affair between land and the sea—that complement the festive joy, making it an experience that transcends the usual.

Meadowmere Resort – Your Perfect Retreat

Rest and revel begins at the Meadowmere Resort, an unbeatable lodging experience. Conveniently located in close proximity to the events and festivals, it is the perfect retreat. The cozy rooms, with picturesque views of Ogunquit’s festive charm and the mesmerizing River and Ocean, make for a sight to behold and enjoy in tranquility. The charming spirit of the Inn, coupled with its unmatched hospitality, provides a comforting nest that you would not want to leave.

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Direct Bookings for a Hassle-Free Experience

Cherishing your privacy and giving you peace of mind, Meadowmere Resort encourages direct bookings. This way, you can focus solely on absorbing the holiday spirit, leaving all booking concerns to our dedicated onsite staff. With Ogunquit River Inn, you’re not just a guest; you’re our family.

Immerse Yourself in Ogunquit Christmas Activities

Friday Night Kicks Off the Festivities

Friday night kicks off the enchantment with an evening tree lighting ceremony that fills the air with a sense of wonder. Locals and eager holiday shoppers gather to witness this magical moment as the town’s towering Christmas tree is illuminated, casting a warm reception to all who attend.

Feasting, Festivities and a Christmas Tree

Feasting and festivities are the heart of any celebration, and Christmas by the Sea is no exception. With unmissable events like holiday parades, candlelight walks, and cozy bonfires all available, it’s a spectacular view to behold! Local businesses offering unique products and experiences further enhance the celebration.

A Parade Like No Other

The Southern Maine Christmas Parade on Saturday is a highlight of Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea. Colorful floats, marching bands, and Santa arriving in style create a spectacle that leaves both young and old brimming with holiday cheer. The afternoon Christmas parade is a must-see, and it’s a true embodiment of Ogunquit’s Christmas magic.

Charming Inns and Cozy Bonfires

Ogunquit’s charming inns become a haven for holiday visitors, offering cozy accommodations with picturesque views of the sea celebration. After the parades and daytime festivities, warm yourself by a cozy bonfire and enjoy the company of fellow travelers who’ve come to share in the holiday cheer.

Shopping Delights

For those eager to check items off their holiday gift list, Ogunquit has you covered. Craft fairs and art galleries offer shoppers a unique selection of gifts, and shoppers enjoy tasty treats along the way. Art galleries also offer one-of-a-kind finds, making it easy to find that perfect gift for your loved ones.

Candlelight Walk and Bell Choir Concert

As the sun sets, take a leisurely candlelight walk through Ogunquit’s enchanting streets, guided by the soft glow of luminaries. And don’t miss the mesmerizing bell choir concert, where the music of the season fills the air, leaving you with a warm and lasting memory of Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea.

Giving Back to the Community

The holiday season is also about giving, and Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea embraces this spirit wholeheartedly. is an opportunity to make a difference, with proceeds benefiting local charities. It’s a chance to spread holiday cheer and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Extend Your Stay Beyond the Holiday Season

While Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea is a magical time to visit, the charm of this seaside town extends far beyond the holiday season. Ogunquit Beach and Perkins Cove offer year-round beauty and tranquility. You can explore art galleries, indulge in delicious cuisine, and experience the warmth of the community no matter when you visit.

As you immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea, you’ll find that this coastal town has a unique way of capturing your heart and making you want to stay just a little longer. So, come and experience the magic, the charm, and the sheer joy of Ogunquit at Christmas. It’s a sea celebration like no other, and it’s waiting for you to be a part of it.