Winter brings a magical transformation to the charming town of Ogunquit, a known summer destination, turning it into an enchanting winter wonderland. The question isn’t “what is Ogunquit like in the winter?” Rather, the question is “are you ready for the winter magic you’ll experience in Ogunquit?”

The Indoor-Outdoor Balance of Winter in Ogunquit:

Outdoor activities amidst the Southern Maine Coast snow-peppered landscape and heartwarming indoor adventures, Ogunquit’s balance between nature and cozy indoor atmospheres truly shines in winter.

Trekking Through Ogunquit’s Winter Scenery:

Brisk winter walks along the Marginal Way invite you to view the snow-covered seaside landscape, undeniably one of the beautiful sights of Ogunquit in winter. Just a short distance from the Meadowmere Resort, starting your snow-shoeing or hiking activity is a breeze.

Unleashing Your Inner Adventurer: Sledding and Skiing in Ogunquit:

Ogunquit’s snow-covered dunes and trails offer exceptional opportunities for winter hiking  and sledding. Whether you’re a pro-hiker or eager to slide down a hill on a sled, Ogunquit is your winter playground.

Achingly Cool: Winter Water Adventures:

Who says you can’t enjoy the sea off-season? Ogunquit Beach offers winter surfing to thrill-seekers (with a good wet suit). If you are more into indoor skating opportunities, nearby Biddeford and Dover Ice Arenas are the perfect family activity.

Retail Therapy in Winter: Outlet Shopping in Kittery:

Kittery outlets offer an exciting retail therapy location for holiday shopping. The winter sales are exceptional, and a trip to the Harbor Candy Shop is a must!

Feeling Warm and Jolly with Sleigh Rides:

Imagine a jingle-bell-led sleigh ride through snow-covered paths while you’re tucked under a warm blanket. Sleigh rides in Ogunquit are a magical experience that should not be missed.

Ogunquit beach and Perkins Cove: A Sight to Behold, Even in Winter:

Perkins Cove, famous for lobster rolls and picturesque fishing boats, offers unique, beautiful scenery even in winter. Watching boats gently bobbing in the cold waters while sipping a hot chocolate is a fantastic winter pastime.

A Deeper Connection with Ogunquit Maine Nature at Laudholm Farm:

Laudholm Farm and Beach Plum Farm are nature lovers’ havens – unique places ideal for family fun and making memories. Outdoor exploration here resonates deeply with the “No Child Left Inside” movement, emphasizing reconnecting with nature.

Dining Delights in Ogunquit:

Warming up from the winter cold isn’t hard in Ogunquit, thanks to its array of great restaurants serving hearty fare and comforting beverages. Enjoy fresh seafood at spots like Barnacle Billy’s and relish hot homemade clam chowdah or indulge in a hot seafood platter.

Embracing Ogunquit’s Cultural Scene:

Ogunquit’s cultural scene doesn’t take a break during winter. Unwind by enjoying live music at local bars, watch a play at the Ogunquit Playhouse, and visit the Ogunquit Museum of American Art. The vibrant art scene is part of Ogunquit’s soul that you will adore.

The Christmas Magic

As “Christmas by the Sea Weekend” rolls around, it adds an extra layer of holiday sparkle to Ogunquit. Stroll through the beautifully decorated town and witness the tree lighting at the Ogunquit Village Square for a magical Christmas experience.

Life with the Locals:

The off-season tourism lull in winter means you get to experience Ogunquit like the locals. Engage with the friendly residents, dig into insider suggestions, and savor those hidden gems that only locals know about.

Coastal Adventures to Nearby Towns:

Use Ogunquit as a base to explore more of the picturesque Maine Coast. A short trip can take you to the Nubble Lighthouse, a winter wonder you wouldn’t want to miss. Visit nearby towns and experience their unique winter charm.

Enriching Your Ogunquit Winter Story:

Whether it’s ice skating under a lit-up sky or snuggling beside a bonfire on Ogunquit Beach, every day spent here in winter adds to your memorable Ogunquit story. Just remember: A hot tub at Meadowmere Resort always awaits to soothe you.

Creating Your Ogunquit Tale:

A single Ogunquit winter visit won’t be enough to cover all the fun activities and beautiful sights here. But one thing is for sure: the memories created will last a lifetime.

Meadowmere Resort: Your Winter Sanctuary:

Offering picturesque views of the Meadowmere Resort and its proximity to Southern Maine’s renowned world-class beaches, the Meadowmere Resort is an excellent choice when “cabin fever” kicks in. Its outdoor jacuzzi and upscale amenities make winters warm and cozy. Remember, booking directly with them affords you benefits like more flexibility and assistance from on-site staff.

Winter in Ogunquit, Maine is not just a season; it’s an extraordinary experience that captivates all senses. From the snow-laden paths of Marginal Way to the warm, inviting Meadowmere Resort, every moment you spend here is bound to become a cherished memory. So pack your layers, leave the winter blues behind, and come unravel the winter magic in Ogunquit. We eagerly await your spellbinding winter tales!