As the last leaves of fall give way to the silvery white of winter, Maine transforms into a land of enchanting beauty. This easternmost state in the U.S., renowned for its diverse landscapes, becomes a winter wonderland, earning its reputation as an idyllic December getaway destination. The question, “Is Maine actually worth visiting in December?” is met with a resounding yes as we uncover the unique charm of Maine during this magical time of year. Situated just a mile north of the vibrant Ogunquit Village, Meadowmere Resort serves as the perfect base from which to immerse oneself in the snowy delights that Maine offers in December.

Visiting Maine In Winter

Visit Maine this winter vacation and enjoy the off season without the summer crowds. Read on to find out what there is to do when you come outside the summer months!

Experiencing Art while getting out of the Cold | Museums and Shopping in Maine

For art lovers, winter offers a great opportunity to explore the state’s rich artistic heritage. Landmarks like the Farnsworth Art Museum are a treasure trove of American art. Shopping in Maine also reaches a new level of excitement during the winter season with various Christmas fairs and winter markets showcasing exquisite local crafts. Nestled perfectly close to these hubs of creativity and shopping, the Meadowmere Resort brings the brilliant allure of December in Maine closer to you.

Nature’s Grand Display: Wildlife Spotting and Watching the Northern Lights

Winter in Maine doesn’t deter outdoor enthusiasts as it offers stunning natural spectacles, including the occasional appearance of the Northern Lights in the night sky and the opportunity to spot the majestic moose in the serene landscapes.

Maine’s Popular Winter Destinations: Portland and Bar Harbor

Maine’s bustling city of Portland and the charming town of Bar Harbor are quintessential winter destinations, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Their proximity to the Meadowmere Resort enhances their appeal for our guests.

The Mighty Acadia: Visiting Acadia National Park

Visiting Acadia National Park in December has its own charm with fewer crowds, allowing you time to visit and connect more intimately with nature’s grandeur.

Winter at Meadowmere Resort:

Maintaining its warmth, comfort, and picturesque surroundings, the Meadowmere Resort, located just a mile from Ogunquit Village, prides itself on being an ideal winter retreat. It strikes an impeccable balance between relaxation and adventure during your Maine winter vacation.

The serenity of snow-kissed landscapes, vibrancy of winter celebrations and seasonal businesses, and the warmth of its local charm make Maine a worthy dream December destination.


  1. What are the average temperature ranges in Maine during December?

Maine experiences a cold winter with December temperatures ranging from 13°F to 38°F (-10°C to 3°C). Although chilly, the cold weather offers an array of vibrant winter activities that the state uniquely offers.

  1. What are the popular Maine winter festivals?

Maine shines with an array of winter festivals, including the Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, Festival of Lights in York, and Gardens Aglow at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, adding a glint of festivities to your December visit to Christmas by the Sea.

  1. Which key attractions are near Meadowmere Resort?

Meadowmere Resort offers proximity to some of Maine’s finest attractions, such as the vibrant Ogunquit village, pristine beaches, and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. It is also the perfect base to explore the art culture in Portland or the winter charm of Bar Harbor on a day trip.

  1. How is winter wildlife spotting in Maine?

Winter is a prime time for spotting Maine’s majestic moose. Bird-watchers will love the sheer variety of winter birds in the state. Even sea life enthusiasts are in for a treat as seals often sun themselves on coastal rocks during the winter months.

  1. Will I be able to see the Northern Lights in Maine during December?

Although not as common as in places near the Arctic, Maine does get its share of Northern Lights displays. Your best chances are in December when nights are longest, and as far north as you can go. Make sure to step away from city lights and into the quiet darkness of Maine’s wilderness for the best experience.

Pack your winter gear and prepare to be enchanted by Maine’s sparkling winter wonderland this December. With the Meadowmere Resort as your homely retreat, enjoy witnessing the state come alive under the magical spell of winter. Whether it’s the thrill of skiing down snow-capped mountains, feasting your eyes and palate on local delicacies, exploring winter wildlife, or simply soaking in the tranquility of nature’s spectacular beauty – visiting Maine in December is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.